Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Always listen to intuition.

You would think I would know to listen to my intuition, right? Lately, I've been undecided about lots of things, too many to list. Some decisions have been made because quite frankly it was common sense to take that particular course. Others I have wrestled with, mulling everything over until I'm half crazy thinking about it.
One decision on particular that I wrestled with only recently presented itself clearly a few days ago. I'd wrestled so hard to come to any conclusion about this particular circumstance, even had an inner voice prompting me which way to go. In the end I just let it all go and did nothing. I was so uncertain that I actually gave up. But it would seem that actually helped me because doing nothing allowed a chain of events to play out before my very eyes and show me exactly how things are and how they would have been if I'd become involved.
I don't particularly like indecision but this time round it saved my bacon, so to speak. I only wished I'd listened to that inner voice, because then I wouldn't have spent the last few months fretting about not doing anything.

I guess you could say my indecision was more of an action than non action, because it helped show me I was doing the right thing all along.
I know one thing though, next time my own inner voice speaks, I'm going to listen.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

New Ventures.

I have been busy with my new blog.  Well, I say busy, it hasn't been that hard.  You may recall I mentioned reviewing on this blog a little while back, well, I decided to give myself a new blog dedicated to the whole review thing.

Initially I had been just going to review books, but another couple of things have come up, so they will be reviews there too.

I also have an FB page for this venture

And a twitter page too

It is very early days for this fun venture, so not a lot is happening right now.  But, we all have to start somewhere, right?  I would be ever so grateful if you lovely people could join my new blog and like my FB page, maybe even follow me on twitter.

Thanks guys, much appreciated.