Thursday, 31 March 2011

Renewing my spirit.

Witchcraft, occultism, alternative beliefs, they all fascinate me.  I was brought up as a Christian, I went to church with my family and attended the Sunday school regularly.  By the time I had reached the age of around ten the whole concept of Christianity felt wrong.  Something that I couldn't put my finger on at the time felt wrong about it all.
By the time I was 14 I had discovered a book of spells in my parent's bedroom.  It belonged to my Dad - this surprised me as he seemed to be into the whole church thing and had even considered becoming a vicar, had looked into becoming a catholic and obviously had looked into the occult. 
I had a crush on someone and felt the right thing to do was to cast a spell as he had never even noticed me.  It didn't work - or not how had hoped anyway.  He was seven years older than me and there was no way the 21 year old him was going to get involved with the 14 year old me.  Fast forward two years and we find that the spell has worked - sort of.  He propositioned me for a one night stand, but I found him to be smelly and unwashed and I certainly had no pyhsical feelings for him anymore.  Funnily enough, the following year his friend and I began dating and now, 23 years later, we have been married for coming on 21 years and have 3 kids.
I left magick alone until my late teens, where I began to read up about stuff.  During my early twenties I began practicing witchcraft, and now at almost 40, I am comfortable with my spirituality.
I am what you might call an "in the closet witch", due to the fact my family would be less than understanding about my beliefs (well, actually my MIL).  I'm happy with this decision and see no need for me to be blurting it out to people not in the know.

The idea behind this blog is for me to keep abreast of my ponderings in the occult world.  I ponder lots of different things and never really record my findings, so I think it might be wise to have some record - I'm not talking a Book Of Shadows here, or a Grimoire, but just my stuff on the spiritual, witchy front.

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