Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Keeping up with the neighbours.

Actually, this is something I won't do. Here in Cumbria we have had so much rain during June and July that everything has grown so much. Don't get me wrong, the garden isn't wild, just well grown. The grass gets cut once a week, weather permitting. The trouble is , next door is cutting her grass so much and weeding and sweeping. She cut her grass last Wednesday, then again on Saturday and she's at it again now.
This is making the Mr. Twitchy and he wants our garden titivated. He's never been much of a gardner but her antics have made him feel inadequate.

I've included a pic of her grass to demonstrate my point.

These are the same neighbours who ripped out bushes and tress and flower beds when they moved in. Replacing them with turfed lawns that she demands to be mowed three times a week, and I'd he won't, she will. She complains too if the neighbours on either side, is being one lot, don't mow their lawns.

My lawn gets done once a week. I am not a believer in having it cut to within an inch of its life every few days, I feel once a week is sufficient.

Monday, 6 August 2012


A whole ago both my daughters moved in with their men. DD1 lives 40 miles away and was visiting this weekend. As she doesn't drive, or have much money we drive her back when she comes visiting.
Taking her home today was fraught with travel chaos - typical Mercury Retrogade - and as I cussed at yet another slow coach I wondered just what lesson I was supposed to learn from this.
Our journey should have taken around 45 minutes, it took double that. The journey back started off a lot quicker, but about half way home we got stuck behind more slow drivers.
It's hard to think what I should take from that journey, but I'm sure there'll be something I am supposed to discover.

Perhaps I need to learn to be patient.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Lammas Bleasings.

Happy first harvest. It's time to start taking stock of our year so far, count our blessings and sort the wheat from the chaff.