Sunday, 6 January 2013

Angel card for today.

My angel card for today is Freedom. Freedom comes when you learn to let go. You can't always please others.

Oh how very true!

I need to get on with some things and this requires me to dedicate my time to my pursuits. Family demands are as overwhelming as ever, leaving me no time to get on with what I need to do. Until yesterday when I refused to get involved with all of the dramas and demands. I shut myself in my room and wrote and worked away and achieved so much.

Of course as I lay in bed last night I worried myself silly over my refusal to put my pursuits on hold to deal with their pursuits. I worried I was being selfish. But now I feel they are the ones being selfish, always expecting me to not do my own thing so I can settle an argument, or let them unburden their woes onto me.

Quite frankly, I've had enough. They are old enough to deal with their own stuff and nothing was so important that I had to be there or involved. Drawing this card has reassured me that I am doing the right thing in letting them deal with their own dramas and getting on with my own stuff. I'm always there for big emergencies, or if it is something important. I always make time for them, but just of late they want all of my time, always.

Very apt card for my life right now.

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