Sunday, 19 June 2011

Renewing my spirit.

I've talked about renewing my spirit before on older blogs.  Sunday is the day of choice not because I am religious and this is the done thing in religious circles, but because it is my least hectic day.  It makes sense for me to kick back and centre myself.  Usually I feel better connected with my craft on this day because I get to simply be.  I don't have to play taxi service to anyone and I'm not required to do any home ed on a weekend, I am simply me.

With this in mind I have always tried to do something entirely for myself so that I can relax and experience that contentment.  I may spend the day reading (whatever takes my fancy), or I may watch DVD's.  Or perhaps I will plan something witchy  that I need to be getting on with; the point I am making is I do something for myself and not be at the beck and call of others.  I use this day to just be myself and not let others infringe upon it and it is something I am quite firm about, during the week I may say yes more times than I should but on a Sunday I absolutely won't budge - typical Taurean trait here.

Usually I won't go anywhere either - unless it is with my husband and kids for some family time - but today we went off to my brother's house for a BBQ.  Normally I wouldn't go as it is the brother whom I really don't get along with (the one who is very uppity), but tomorrow is my mother's birthday and as it's Father's Day today I agreed to go.

It was something different.
It wasn't so bad.
My brother was his usual self and I surprised myself at how easy I found ignoring his behaviour.
Getting out of the house and doing something totally different has helped renew my spirit in ways I never imagined.  I actually feel ready to tackle some stuff I need to see to and I am not feeling daunted by the enormity of it anymore.

I have learnt:

Doing something different isn't always a bad thing that will fill me with panic and dread.

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