Saturday, 11 February 2012


I've been really unwell recently, more so than usual.  I have had a problem with a "sticky out thing" in my neck, pain there and dizziness and nausea.  This has gone on for a while now but has got so bad recently.  I went to see my GP and was relieved, yes relieved, to find out I had a condition called Cevical Spondylosis - this is arthritis in the neck affecting the spinal vertebrae.

It sounds bad, and in a way I guess it can be quite bad.  Apparently some people experience no symptoms when they have this condition, others have a variety of symptoms like I do, one in particular being that one of the vertebrae is nipping a nerve in the neck and that is what causes the pain, dizziness etc.

The reason I say I was relieved is because I had convinced myself that I had a brain tumour, or MS.  You see, the dizziness and funny feeling I get in the base of my head can be experienced by those who have the two things I have mentioned, but it can also be caused when a nerve gets caught between vertebrae.  So I am very relieved that I have not got some sinister illness and while I have yet another debilitating and crippling painful illness to add to my ever growing list, at least I can get physio to try and help with the pain and try to release the trapped nerve.

So, with all of these worsening symptoms I have been slow to get my blog updated and not doing so well with the Pagan Blog Project - this week I had to use a post I had written earlier in the week, rather than writing something new.  OK, so it is not entirely breaking the rules, but I felt as if I had cheated myself.  But I realise I have my limits and need to take things easy, so I won't be beating myself up about that.
I'm just relieved to not be seriously ill.