Friday, 15 April 2011

Eclectic City Witch.

Sounds like the title of a book or something, doesn't it? 

I'm reading something right now that asked me to define my witchiness, in so much as am I a trad or eclectic etc.  And how/what do I do as part of my practice and where do I live.  I narrowed my answers down and came up with Eclectic City Witch.

I think this term/title best describes me, what I am, what I do, what I believe.  I live in the city, I am a witch and I believe in many different facets of witchcraft, be they from the traditional path or hedgewitchery.  I take what works for me and use it in my own practice, hence the term ecletcic.  Obviously I am not saying this is the whole definition of that particular word, I am just sort of defining why I am using it in my terminology and blog title.

There were other questions in the quiz and as I analysed my answers I began to realise just how difficult it can be for me to practice my craft here in the city.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not making excuses here or looking for sympathy, I am just thinking out loud.  Where I live is quite beautiful - check out my photographs - but some of the residents are just awful.

When I was a child everyone wanted to live on this street; it is a ten minute walk from the city centre, is situated on a river bank and to the left, we are about 150 yards from the open countryside.  It's an amazingly beautiful place, but like I said, it attracts the local yobs during the summer months and less than desirable people actually live alongside us nicer humans.  This makes it hard to ever practice outdoors and there are times when getting out and about in the name of being a witch is really difficult because of these people.
But never one to be defeated I have made the best of what my life has presented to me (despite the moaning I might do) and carved out my own unique path that I absolutely love.

And if I'm honest, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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