Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day Blues.

I used to always suffer with the Boxing Day blues.  As my husband is non witchy and it is only recently that the DD's have become involved - DS shows a slight interest - I have always done Yule as a solitary and celebrated Xmas with them.
We celebrate the togetherness of our family.

Boxing Day used to feel like such an anti climax and I could very often feel down.  But now I use the time to sort my diaries and calanders out for the coming new year.  I jot down any notable dates that have not been included, mark moon phases in if they haven,t been included and do my best to start the new year organised.

This may seem very boring  to some, but I find it quite relaxing after the stresses and starins and  inevitable over induklgence of the festive period.  I enjoy doing it and always feel quite refreshed afterwards.

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