Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Holiday Season.

I don't know about anyone else but the holiday season leaves me feeling so exhausted.  Up until last Xmas we always had family round for afternoon tea, this was after getting up at silly o clock with the kids and then making the huge lunch.  After being told I had Fibro last year I decided I was not going to make my life hard anymore and so we told family we would be having nobody round on the big day, but would have a day where they could come for a party.

Today was that day.  It was a very stressful day - getting food prepared, picking certain guests up and then being cramped in my small house with an extra 9 people.  Don't get me  wrong, we had a good time, but there are always certain energies left over after my MIL has been to my house.  For a long time I used to struggle with restless nights, disturbed dreams and a general uneasy feeling after MIL had been round.  Then I discovered burning incense really did remove the left over energies from her.
She really is one of those nasty people that never has a good word to say about anybody, and if you have an illness then she has it fifty times worse than you.  She also MUST be the centre of attention and this can make for unpleasantness during family functions.

After she has left though I arm myself with incense - and usually it is any fragrance that I feel I really want to use - and waft it about the areas shehas been and then leave it burning.

Parties should be good fun and give off positive vibes, but MIL really does give off such a vibe that if left can cause problems.  Now I feel able to face gatherings such as this one as I know how best to deal with the problem.

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