Thursday, 5 January 2012

E is for .......


The Goddess of Spring and Fertility.  I always envisage this Goddess with long blond hair, wearing flowery, floaty dresses and having an abundance of bunnies and chicks surrounding her while she ambles along a meadow.  She oozes happiness and carefree days, in my mind.  I guess this is only natural, given how we feel more carefree and light and airy during the spring.

And as "fluffy" - I hate that terminology - as this description sounds, I do think it describes this Goddess, even trying to put a modern twist on her I can't get away from floaty frocks and young chicks and bunnies.  Sometimes we just have to accept light and fluffy/airy appearances for what they are, a natural appearance.

1 comment:

  1. Think not of bunnies, but of Eostre's beast, The Hare. Free running, floating over the grass and Spring flowers with the breeze in her fur and whiskers.