Sunday, 13 November 2011

A day out for renewing my spirit day.

Yesterday was a truly awful day, my fibro was so bad that with the exception of having a bath and toilet visits I actually couldn't manage to get out of bed.  I feared we would have to cancel our day out because I felt so bad.
But this morning came around and I felt much better, so our day out was a go.

We went to a place called Finglandrigg Wood which is only a few miles from where we live.  I really love woodlands because there is always that sense of elementals being all around.  I always feel so alive when I get amongst nature - I am a Taurean so the earthiness of a wood or forest is really appealing to me.
I took loads of photos, some will be no good because I am just a newbie with the photo taking and sometimes I get blurry images, or my husband walks in front of me - this actually happens a lot!

I was really disappointed with this though, I expected something a bit bigger.

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